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Arson suspect in Seattle gay bar fire may have been provoked by sex ‘slave’ email

SEATTLE — The man accused of a setting fire to a gay nightclub on New Year’s Eve may have been provoked by an email he received from someone offering to be his sex “slave.”

KIRO-TV reports that new evidence against, Musab Masmari, charged with setting fire to Neighbours Nightclub, received an email three days before the fire from someone who signed it “your slave john.”

According to police documents filed in King County Superior Court, “john” offered to polish Masmari’s shoes using his tongue. The sender also propositioned Masmari, writing, “You can order me to do what you want me to do,” and, “Can I have a chance?”

Seattle police investigators believe the email was written by someone who knew about Masmari’s self-admitted “distaste for homosexuals” and call the email “evidence pertinent to hate crime.”

KIRO-TV has more:

No one was injured in the fire where 750 people were celebrating the New Year, but police and prosecutors believe it was Masmari who was captured on surveillance video the night of the fire carrying what appeared to be a gas can.

Masmari was arrested in January and remains behind bars, charged with arson.

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