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Lesbian couple’s 3-year-old son rejected by Texas school for having two moms

BEDFORD, Texas — A lesbian couple in Bedford, Texas claim their son was turned away from a local Montessori school because he had two moms.

Tracy and Dawn Keller told WFAA-TV they’d hoped to enroll their 3-year-old son, Landry, at the New Beginnings Montessori School, but after touring the school they received a phone call from school director Shamain Webster informing that they could not enroll Landry because they are lesbians.

“We are not going be able to enroll Landry in our school because it’s against my religion, and we don’t live that way,” Dawn Keller quoted Webster as saying.

Webster later confirmed to WFAA-TV that she had rejected the couple as the Kellers’ described, and that as a private school, she could turn families away.

But later, Webster said that her father, who owns the school, did not share her anti-gay beliefs, and “would like to allow them to submit an application.”

The Kellers say they’ll look elsewhere.

Watch a report from WFAA-TV:

Earlier this week, a Christina school in Timberlake, Va., warned that grandparents of an 8-year-old girl that she looked and acted too much like a boy, and that they could refuse her re-enrollment based on their “condoning sexual immorality, practicing a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity.”

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