If I knew you were coming, I would have baked a cake…


I’m always touched when people of faith send their love and compassion my way…

These people – these Christians – What are they so afraid of and why are they so very hateful?

This picture of the cake and all the other pictures and blogs and outrage since Governor Jan Brewer vetoed that hateful bill in Arizona isn’t about “freedom of religion” – but you know that, right?

It’s about what it’s always about. Ignorance.

There’s more to it, but ignorance seems to tick all the boxes for me when it comes to such displays of hate and discrimination.

I also received a link to a website which I was informed could “help” me, and in the meantime they would pray for me and my soul. Well, thank you very much but I don’t believe it’s my soul that’s in need of prayer.

The website they recommended I visit — — is nothing, if not entertaining. I believe every LGBTQ person should at least go and look at it so you can see exactly what and who it is who would bake a cake that looks like the picture above.

When the “introduction” has this for a title, “Why the Homosexual Agenda Should Concern Every Christian,” you know you’re in for some entertaining reading.

The people who write these articles – the people who read and believe what is written – these are the people who would bake the above cake.

These are also the people who have written me that they believe the following: “Uganda has made homosexuality a crime punishable up to life in prison. Russia has made open displays of homosexuality and exposing children to get life style… a crime. How is it a third world country and a Communist country understand the threat and we don’t?”

Seriously, they believe I am the devil, and consider my life with Susan to be a threat to civilization and to life as they know it, and they want me locked up, or stoned, or whatever other sort of torture they can conjure up in the name of their religion.

I’m a photographer. I take pictures of everyone and everything. I don’t tell straight people I won’t take their wedding pictures, or pictures of their children or dogs or cats or families. I do this not because it’s what one must do according the law, but because it’s the right thing to do and because I don’t believe anyone’s happiness is a threat to my own.

Then again, I don’t read books or listen to people who tell me I must discriminate in order to be a good and faithful servant of the human race.

Arizona is also brewing up another “religious beliefs” bill — HB 2481. It would “prohibit government from requiring a minister to solemnize a marriage that is inconsistent with the minister’s sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Talking Points Memo points out that the definition of “minister” is as follows: “an individual who is authorized to solemnize a marriage” under Arizona law. This could be a judge a justice of the peace or any member of any clergy…

Vigilant my friends, we must be ever vigilant.

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