‘Game of Thrones’ actor Kristian Nairn comes out as gay

Kristian Nairn
Kristian Nairn

Kristian Nairn, the Irish actor best known for his portrayal of “Hodor” on the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” said Tuesday that he is gay, telling an interviewer for that he’s been waiting for someone to ask the question, because “it’s not something you just blurt out.”

And while the interviewer didn’t actually ask Nairn about his sexual orientation, Nairn took the opportunity to come out publicly when the subject of the gay community came up, because he’s tried to lead interviewers to ask the question in the past, “to no avail.”


Interviewer: I have some friends in the gay community, “bears” as they’re wont to call themselves, who hold you on a pretty high pedestal. One good friend of mine (I’ve known since we were in the 5th grade together) says your bear following is “extensive.” Is this something you’re aware of?

Kristian: Well, in all honesty, when you talk about “the gay community,” you are talking about MY community, haha. I AM aware of it yeah, and I think it’s really lovely. There’s not a day that I don’t get a few messages, but 99% or more are super sweet and nothing smutty at all! Again, it’s a privilege, and I really mean that. I’ve never hidden my sexuality from anyone, my whole life in fact, and I’ve been waiting for someone to ask about it in an interview, cos it’s not something you just blurt out. I’ve tried to lead the questions a few times, to no avail!

Narin, 38, adds that his co-stars have been nothing but supportive:

Interviewer: Seeing as how some people might react negatively to it, did most of the cast and crew have an understanding of it? Or was it just never really brought up?

Kristian: I had an upbringing to respect other people’s privacy, and their right to be and choose what they want, and I expect, no, demand no less for myself. It’s a very small part of who I am on the whole, but nonetheless, in this day and age, it’s important to stand up and be counted. I have and always will stand my ground. So, yeah, people have been great, on the show, but I don’t see why it would be an issue.

In addition to “Game of Thrones,” Nairn has appeared on the BBC series “Ripper Street.” The new season of “Game of Thrones” premieres on HBO April 6.

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