Arizona – Why You Gotta Be So Mean?


It’s been awhile since I’ve had the emotional strength to sit and write a scathing piece about anyone or anything.

Not so much just scathing … I couldn’t even find the inner strength to write a piece that makes one take a review of where they may stand on an issue.

I’ve found since my parents have both passed away within the past 2 years, I needed peace and love and some sort of inner quiet. I didn’t want to be angry or create turmoil around me, I needed and wanted to surround myself with “the good” that this life has to offer.

I discovered yesterday as I was reading about what was happening in Arizona that it was time to write – time to express, time to admit that perhaps “the good” isn’t quite as “good” as I really wanted it to be.

For what is happening in Arizona is a travesty to anyone — gay, straight, transgender, black, white, Latino, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist — anyone who lives in the United States of America. Any group, any people, can be targeted.

Bills can be drawn up and signed into law, and there you have it – it’s legal to target and discriminate on the basis of religion or whatever they decide.

To give license to discriminate on religious beliefs is against everything that we believe in as Americans.

We believe in the Freedom of Religion, but that freedom doesn’t give you free reign to discriminate and alienate for the sake of said religion. Like it or not, the United States is a nation that’s supposed to have equal rights for all of their citizens. Not just for those Christians who really believe they are the only ones with the answers.

It’s not just the LGBTQ folks who should be upset by this hideous Arizona law. Every American should be concerned that by simply being who you are you can be refused service, refused a place to live, refused a job, refused anything if someone believes that to give you said thing or service would violate their practice and observance of their religion.

And what sort of religion would encourage anyone to discriminate? You either believe that love and peace is for every human being or you do not.

The more same-sex marriage and human equality gain momentum in the courts and in the states, the more we will see this push for discrimination in any form the haters can find. Don’t be surprised by anything.

Life is short, and it should be filled with love and laughter and joy. At the end of our lives the only thing that will matter is how we treated one another.

Let us rise above the madness and be kind and loving and fight for what is right and just. Fight in your own way – protest, call your senators, write letters or simply live your life with the person you love and show the world what love and commitment is all about.

Ever vigilant my friends, we must be ever vigilant.

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