Russian actor who wants to burn gays alive, wants Putin to criminalize sodomy

Ivan Okhlobystin Staff Reports

A popular Russian actor, who last month said he wants to burn gay people alive because they pose a danger to his children, has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to bring back a Soviet law criminalizing “sodomy.”

Ivan Okhlobystin

Ivan Okhlobystin

In an open letter Tuesday, Ivan Okhlobystin praised Putin for last year’s ban on “gay propaganda,” but said it was not enough because the very existence of a legal gay community amounted to such propaganda, reports RIA Novosti.

Okhlobystin, 47, said failing to criminalize gay sex would give “sodomites … a Constitutional opportunity to defile the young generation.”

Last month, Okhlobystin made headlines when he said he’d put gays “alive in the oven,” calling them a danger to his children.

Okhlobystin, a father of six, stars in the Russian sitcom “Interns,” which is closely patterned after the U.S. medical sitcom “Scrubs.” He served as an Orthodox Christian priest as well as acting until his priesthood was suspended in 2010.

The Kremlin did not comment as of Wednesday on his request of Putin.

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