Official: Luxembourg to legalize same-sex marriage by summer


LUXEMBOURG CITY, Luxembourg — The President of Luxembourg’s Parliamentary Committee on Justice said that marriage equality would become law before the summer holidays.

In an interview with the country’s national media outlet RTL, Viviane Loschetter said that marriage equality bill is a priority of the country’s government.

She also added that the bill would become law before the summer holidays.

The bill has been stalled in parliament since July 2009, when it was introduced by under the administration of former Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker.

The bill promises full marriage equality, including adoption rights for same-sex couples.

Luxembourg’s recently elected openly gay Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, promised during his election campaign to legalize marriage equality by the first trimester of 2014.

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The country already has a form of civil union, called Partenariats (partnerships) that were legalized in 2004.

They are based on the French Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) for both same- and opposite-sex couples.

The partnerships provide many of the rights of marriage in relation to access to welfare benefits and taxes but are not equal or defined as marriage, and do not give the right to jointly adopt children.

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