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San Diego man recovering from brutal attack in city’s gay friendly neighborhood

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego gay man said he was attacked by three men yelling anti-gay slurs and wielding a baseball bat just after midnight Monday in the city’s historically diverse and gay-friendly Hillcrest neighborhood.

Dwayne Wynn
Dwayne Wynn

Dwayne Wynn said he was walking in a residential area just after midnight when a car pulled up behind him and the three men inside got out. When one called out an anti-gay slur, Wynn turned and and was struck by a baseball bat upside the head, shattering his eye socket, reported KGTV.

“The last thing I see is a baseball bat being swapped right across the face,” said Wynn. “I literally thought I was going to die. I thought they were going to kill me. They were beating me that bad.”

Wynn suffered three cracked ribs and fractured fingers, and required 18 stitches for cuts received in the attack.

He said because it happened so quickly, he couldn’t get a detailed description of his attackers or the vehicle they were driving, but that he could hear his attackers giving each other “high fives” as they walked away.

KGTV reports:

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