Olympian Tom Daley’s mystery man: Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black (left) and Tom Daley
Dustin Lance Black (left) and Tom Daley

LONDON — British Olympic diver Tom Daley, who revealed publicly for the first time on Monday that he is in a relationship with another man, is dating LGBT activist and Oscar-winning filmmaker Dustin Lance Black, according to E! News, and confirmed by sources to LGBTQ Nation.

The couple reportedly were introduced at the Soho hotel in London this summer, with Daley allegedly traveling back and forth to Los Angeles to visit Black since then.

Their relationship will be chronicled in the Wednesday edition of The Sun, a U.K. newspaper, according to reporter Dan Wooton.

A friend told The Sun that Daley is “besotted with Dustin. They love each other and aren’t concerned what anyone says about age difference.”

Daley is 19, Black is 39.

“Dustin is very proud of Tom for making such a powerful statement about his sexuality,” the source added. “They are officially in a long term relationship and are talking about having a future together.”

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Daley said in a video posted to his YouTube channel on Monday that he’s been dating a man since spring, but did not identify who that man was.

“Of course, I still fancy girls but, I mean, right now I’m dating a guy and I couldn’t be happier,” Daley said in the video. “It feels safe and it really does feel right.”

There was no comment from either Daley or a representative for Black, who is currently returning home from the Side by Side LGBT Film festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, which was held this past week.

Black and film director Gus Van Sant had traveled to Russia to showcase their 2008 Oscar winning film ‘Milk,’ the bio-sketch of slain San Francisco Supervisor and LGBTQ icon, Harvey Milk.

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