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France approves first spousal adoption by a same-sex couple

France approves first spousal adoption by a same-sex couple

PARIS — A lesbian couple in France has received approval for one wife’s two biological children to be adopted by her spouse, the first such authorized same-sex couple adoption in the country.

two-mommiesThe adoption comes less than five months after the French government passed legalization allowing same-sex marriage and same-sex couples’ adoption.

The couple — Caroline and Pascale A., identified only by their first names and surname initial by French magazine Le Monde — were married in June, and received approval for the adoption on Thursday by a Judge of the Family Court.

Both children are reportedly the result of artificial insemination by an unknown donor or donors, according to Le Monde.

The announcement was celebrated by the French LGBT advocacy group Association of Gay and Lesbian Parents and Future Parents, which said in a statement on its website, “That from now on, children may hear in school hallways, Two moms or two dads,’ it’s possible!”

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