Linda Harvey: LGBT rights lead to the ‘oppression’ of parents

Linda Harvey of Mission America is furious about the United Nations Human Rights Office’s Free and Equal initiative, warning that it will contribute to the “oppression” of parents and curtail the freedom of speech.

Linda Harvey

She describes the campaign, which promotes legal protections based on gender identity and sexual orientation, as “deceptive” since universal rights do not “apply to harmful, high risk, sexual conduct that no one needs to do.”

“No one, if these people have their way, would have the actual universal human right to live out a religious belief that upholds man-woman sexuality within marriage as the standard and all other sexual practices as sinful,” Harvey continued, alleging that the campaign is focused on “denying free speech and other rights, including forcing the indoctrination of children into accepting homosexuality whether their parents like it or not.”

Harvey maintains that the “incidences of oppression and discrimination” by LGBT rights advocates “against people of faith and against parents are piling up.”



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