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Poll: Majority of Americans would vote to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states

PRINCETON, N.J. — A majority of Americans say they would vote in favor of a law legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 U.S. states, according to a new Gallup poll.

According to the poll released Monday, 52 percent of Americans said they would legalize same-sex marriage if given the opportunity to vote, while 43% would vote against it.

Across the nation’s major demographic, political, and religious groups, support for a proposed law ranges from as high as 77 percent among self-described liberal Americans, and 76 percent among those with no religious affiliation, to as low as 23 percent among weekly churchgoers, and 30% among Republicans and conservatives.

Other groups showing at least 60 percent support for legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide include Democrats, adults aged 18 to 34, those who rarely or never attend a church or other place of worship, moderates, Easterners, and Catholics, reported Gallup.

Groups showing less than 50 percent support include Protestants, adults 55 and older, Southerners, and men.

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In the same poll, Gallup asked a separate half-sample of Americans whether they think marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages. The 54 percent who responded that same-sex unions should be recognized conforms with the 53 percent expressing the same view in May, and prior to that in November 2012.

This is the first update of this Gallup trend since the June 26 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the provision of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that denied married, same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits.

Gallup said its poll found that the much-anticipated, and widely covered decisions did not cause any significant shift in public opinion, at least in the short term.

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