The heckling lesbian — lending credence that we’re crazy gay activists pushing our gay agenda

The heckling lesbian — lending credence that we’re crazy gay activists pushing our gay agenda

Apparently, there’s this lesbian activist out there who had the nerve to disrupt a speech being delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama, but was then “taken aback” when the First Lady had the nerve to get “right down in her face.”

According to reports, Ellen Sturtz, an activist with GetEqual, repeatedly interrupted Mrs. Obama’s speech on Tuesday to demand that the President sign an executive order to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Michelle Obama
Ellen Sturtz

Mrs. Obama reportedly “left the lectern” and confronted Ms. Sturtz, telling her, “One of the things that I don’t do well is this.”

My question is this: Why would you be surprised to have someone in your face, or were you just surprised that it was the First Lady coming back at you?

You made the conscious decision to disrupt her, so… should you not be prepared for someone, anyone, coming back at you?

I understand that there are two ways of seeing this. There is the side who believe that the only way to make change for the LGBTQ community is to be loud and in the face of anyone who can help generating any sort of positive change.

Then there is the side who believe Ms. Sturtz’s behavior was rude and uncalled for. They believe that President Obama has done more than any other U.S. president to change the lives of LGBTQ Americans, and to interrupt his wife while she is speaking is just wrong.

This side of the argument also feels that this rude behavior just gives more fuel to the conservative, homophobic Americans who believe we are simply crazy gay activists pushing our gay agenda into the face of every American.

It gives credence to their idea that we are simply a bunch of perverted morons, who want attention and rights, and will do whatever, whenever to garner attention which they don’t believe we deserve.

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Michelle Obama is not an elected official. She is the wife of the President of the United States.

She doesn’t have the ability to sign any piece of legislation, nor does she form any sort of policy. So, why on earth would anyone — even for one moment – believe it was right and just to go after her for something political?

While I commend Ms. Sturtz’s passion, I don’t agree that interrupting the first lady while giving a speech in a private home is really the way to go.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but if someone interrupts me and gets all in my face, I don’t hear a word they are saying. The louder they are, the less I listen.

And finally my thinking is this: If you really believe the way to get to the President is to piss off his wife… you may want to rethink your strategy just a little.

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