About 23 percent of LGBT men getting Father’s Day greetings today

About 23 percent of LGBT men getting Father’s Day greetings today

About a quarter of LGBT men may be getting Happy Fathers’ Day wishes today.

According to the Pew Research Center’s new survey of LGBT Americans, 23 percent of LGBT men are fathers, including 16 percent of gay men and 32 percent of bisexual men.

Family photo
Michigan gay parents Kent (left) and Diego Love-Ramirez, and son Lucas, attended the White House Father’s Day celebration on Friday.

The Pew survey, released last week, is one of the largest and most detailed ever conducted among LGBT respondents by a major U.S. polling organization.

Among its findings, LGBT men are significantly less likely than men in the general public to be fathers: Seven-in-ten American men are fathers, according to Pew Research Center polling.

In addition to the 23% of LGBT men who are currently fathers, 14% say they would like to have a child someday.

LGBT adults — both men and women — are less likely than the general public to view having children as an important reason to get married, the survey found.

Even as 93 percent of LGBT Americans support same-sex marriage and the same number favors allowing gay men and lesbians to adopt children, just 28 percent of all LGBT adults say having children is a very important reason to get married.

More from the Pew survey on marriage and parenting is here.

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