NOM President Brian Brown touts honorary degree from non-existent university

National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown is touting an honorary degree he’s received from a non-existent university.

On Monday, Brown – fresh off a jaunt to Paris in an attempt to take NOM’s anti-LGBT message abroad – tweeted that he was “honored to receive honorary doctorate this weekend in Memphis from American Urban U. & Church of God in Christ!”

Brian BrownAP File
Brown also tweeted a picture of himself receiving the “honorary degree.”

But the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said Wednesday that has independently confirmed that American Urban University does not exist, and that the “school” is not in operation as a post-secondary institution.

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Database of Accredited Post-secondary Institutions and Programs, there is no American Urban University accredited post-secondary institution anywhere in the country. The Tennessee Higher Education Committee lists no such school on its database of authorized institutions, the HRC said.

“NOM just continues to remove itself further and further from reality,” said HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz.

“Brian Brown has made it a habit of denying the growing support for marriage equality despite the historic victories we achieved in 2012 and a wide array of polling that shows support growing across virtually all demographics,” said Sainz.

“He has conveniently ignored the fact that his membership base is rapidly deteriorating and that his organization relies on the deep coffers of just two donors. And now apparently he thinks it’s perfectly normal to receive a degree from a non-existent university.”

Public records indicate that the “university” was incorporated in California – not Tennessee – and has had its corporate status suspended. According to the California Secretary of State, some of the reasons an entity can have its status revoked include a failure to pay taxes or other fees, or a failure to file all required information with the state.

“This is just more bizarre, head-scratching behavior from NOM and Brian Brown,” added Sainz. “Congratulations to Mr. Brown on his well-deserved recognition from the non-existent American Urban University.”

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