Jon Tester: Another U.S. Senator previously opposed to gay marriage reverses course

HELENA, Mont. — U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat from Montana who has previously opposed same-sex marriage, says he now supports marriage equality for gays and lesbian couples.

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.)

Tester released a brief statement on Facebook Tuesday, shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“Montanans believe in the right to make a good life for their families. How they define a family should be their business and their business alone.

“I’m proud to support marriage equality because no one should be able to tell a Montanan or any American who they can love and who they can marry.”

Tester was re-elected just last year.

He previously opposed gay marriage, pointing to the decision by Montana voters in 2004 to amend the Constitution to prevent same-sex marriages.

Other prominent politicians also have recently stated their support of gay marriage, including U.S. Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Rob Portman of Ohio and Mark Warner of Virginia.

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