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After years of restraint, GOProud says it supports same-sex marriage

After years of refusing to take a position on same-sex marriage, the gay conservatives group GOProud on Friday announced it supports marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

The announcement comes following a decision by GOProud’s Board of Directors to begin work at the state and local level.

Since its founding in 2009, GOProud has always opposed the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) but has refrained from advocating in support of same-sex marriage. But in the statement released Friday, the group declared, “Where civil marriage is possible, we support civil marriage.”

GOProud believes that stable, loving, committed relationships are the cornerstone of our society and should be protected and encouraged for all couples – including gay and lesbian couples. We believe that the decision about how to best do this is one that should be made at the state level and that these decisions are best made by the people directly or through their elected representatives – not by unelected judges.

Where civil marriage is possible, we support civil marriage. Where civil unions are possible, we support civil unions. Where domestic partner benefits are possible, we support domestic partner benefits. As federalists, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach on almost any issue and that includes relationship recognition for gay couples.

GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia told Buzzfeed that while the GOProud supports civil marriage for gay couples, the group’s statement simply reflects the “political reality” that same-sex couples — absent Supreme Court intervention — aren’t going to be marrying in Alabama anytime soon.

“I think many states, in the short term, will be considering civil marriage. Many states will not be. When a state considers civil marriage, we’ll support that,” LaSalvia said.

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