Inexplicable Evil

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Unspeakable tragedy, horrific crime, inexplicable — all words that inadequately describe the evil that was visited on a small New England town and its most vulnerable citizens Friday, its children.

As a reporter I am nearly numb from the volume of senseless violence that has seemingly escalated since that terrible day in Littleton, Colo., at Columbine High School.

This never ending parade of shooting sprees that no-one seems able to stop, prevent, or even explain seems to have become a sick fixture in American culture.

What is so disturbing about this episode in particular is that these were babies, wee ones, who had not even had a chance to begin their lives.

While members of my profession continue to air, print, and broadcast this parade of horror from Newtown over the next few days, I hope that parents around the nation will take a moment to reach out, take a breather from the coverage, and hug their kids.

My heart breaks for those families, who at what now should be a season of joy for them, have been forever marred by the violence visited upon them.

This nation needs a real debate about guns, it is now unavoidable.

But, what also needs to be debated is just how much certain elements of what ostentatiously should be a force for good, has turned itself into a force driven only by a lust for money and power — exemplified best by Bryan Fischer of the self labeled ‘Christian Family Values’ group, the American Family Association, immediately after the shooting.

The mere fact that Fischer can shamelessly promote that nonsense instead of expressing hope and condolences for the affected families is sickening.

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