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‘One Million’ moms target JC Penney again, this time over lesbians in catalog

‘One Million’ moms target JC Penney again, this time over lesbians in catalog

The group “One Million Moms” — and its 46,000 members — is once again taking aim at retailer JC Penney, this time for featuring a lesbian couple in its Spring catalog.

The “moms” are infuriated over this feature appearing on pages 10 and 11 of its catalog, under the title “Freedom of Expression,” that depicts “Wendi and her partner Maggie and daughters;” in the photo, both women are wearing wedding bands.

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This is not OMM’s first tangle with JC Penney.

Earlier this year, One Million Moms, “a project of the American Family Association (AFA)” — an organization designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — launched a public campaign demanding that the retailer fire spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres because she’s gay.

JC Penney officials dismissed the group’s demands, and stood firmly behind DeGeneres. Eventually, OMM abandoned its campaign against JC Penney, because, said its Director Monica Cole, “other issues require her group’s attention, so OMM is moving on.”

The group is now calling on its members to harass JC Penney store managers because corporate officials have given them the proverbial finger:

Last time OMM contacted JC Penney store managers, we were brushed off. Some even experienced in person the store manager saying “Thank you” and walking off while their customer and our concerned members were in mid-sentence. OMM has been told that JCP corporate office told store managers to say “Thank you” and then walk away. If they want our business, then we will not be ignored!


Since the corporate office doesn’t consider your call important, please call, or visit, your local store manager.

OMM normally prepares a pre-written letter for its members to send directly from its website, but has since discovered that JC Penney has blocked incoming emails originating from One Million Moms’ server.

In addition to its failed campaign against Ellen Degeneres, the anti-gay OMM has recently targeted Toys R Us for selling the Archie Comic edition that featured the wedding of its gay character, Keven Keller, on the cover — the campaign against Archie led to the comic selling out within days.

Last month, OMM targeted apparel retailer Urban Outfitters over a photo in its April catalog of two women kissing.

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