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Homecoming: Fight for marriage equality extends to United Kingdom

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The Coalition for Equal Marriage, a British marriage equality advocacy group, has released this new video in support of same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom.

“The apathy within the communities that support the equalization of civil marriage is the single driving factor for me making the film,” said Mike Buonaiuto, the film’s director, writing for PinkNews.

“One day I would like to marry my partner of almost 5 years and the celebration of our commitment should mean no more or less than any other straight couple. I made the film to promote change and also inspire others to use their creativity to support equality and make history happen, not sit back and passively watch it.”

“All men can be heroes,” the film’s tagline reads. “All men can be husbands. End marriage discrimination.”


In September 2011, the British government announced its intention to introduce same-sex civil marriage by the next general election.

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