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NOM: We’ll hold every N.H. lawmaker ‘accountable’ for pro-gay marriage vote

National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown on Wednesday pledged to hold “every” New Hampshire lawmaker accountable for failing to repeal the state’s marriage equality law — all 211 of them.

Earlier in the day, the Republican-dominated New Hampshire state House voted 211-116 not to repeal the state’s two-year-old marriage equality law.

Brian Brown

“We are very disappointed in the failure of the New Hampshire House of Representatives to pass compromise legislation restoring marriage and providing for civil unions for same-sex couples,” Brown said, in a statement.

“This was the law prior to marriage being hijacked by legislators who accepted hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from gay marriage supporters without ever telling voters they intended to redefine marriage. We consider any vote cast against HB 437 to be a vote in favor of gay marriage, and we will act to hold every legislator accountable for such a vote.”


“This is a sad day for New Hampshire families who in 2010 had elected what they thought was a solid pro-marriage majority. They were once again let down by politicians who promised them one thing and then left them at the altar when the vote was on the line. These legislators will be held accountable.”

Many political observers expected House Republicans — who comprise three-fourths of the 400-member chamber — to approve the bill. But more than 100 of the House’s 296 Republicans voted against repeal and a number of them spoke out against the repeal measure on the floor.

Full coverage on Wednesday’s vote in New Hampshire is here.

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