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California Democrats to help fight anti-gay measure in North Carolina

A big win for marriage in New Hampshire, and California Democrats pledge to help the campaign to stop an anti-gay measure in North Carolina. But with alarming poll numbers out this week, will that help be enough?

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Anti-gay activists got a smackdown last week in New Hampshire, where the legislature overwhelmingly rejected a bill to eliminate marriage equality. It was huge bi-partisan success, with a majority of Republicans and all but one Democrat voting to protect LGBT couples’ rights. Anti-gay politicians could try again next year, but so far their momentum has dwindled with every attempt.

And fresh off our success in New Hampshire, Ohio organizers are pushing for marriage. Thousands rallied in Cleveland this weekend, and over 200 couples staged a mass wedding. Earlier this year, organizers had attempted to overturn the state’s Constitutional ban on marriage. But the Attorney General Mike DeWine rejected their petition on technical grounds. Now Freedom to Marry Ohio has announced that they expect to resubmit a revised petition later this week. Additional rallies are planned for the evening of Wednesday, April 11th.

The California Democratic Party has pledged its support to the campaign to defeat an anti-gay constitutional amendment in North Carolina. Our side will need all the help it can get to win that election: a poll last week shows voters supporting the anti-marriage amendment 58 to 36 percent.

But a Michigan tribe is considering an amendment to their constitution that would legalize marriage equality. The Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians is currently accepting public comment on the measure.

And finally this week a marriage equality bill has passed an initial round of debate in Finland, and now heads to committee. The bill’s chances of passing this year aren’t great. Despite widespread public support for marriage equality, conservative MPs have held back marriage reforms for Finland for the last few years.

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