Right wingers call Macy’s transgender policy ‘theater of the absurd’

Right wingers call Macy’s transgender policy ‘theater of the absurd’

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The termination of a Macy’s employee who refused to uphold company policy in regards to LGBTQ rights has so-called family value christian groups angered.

Natalie Johnson was sacked from the Macy’s Rivercenter Mall store in San Antonio after she told a supervisor that she was unwilling to honor Macy’s LGBT policies because she felt by doing so would violate her religious beliefs.

Johnson told the American Family Association’s blog OneNewsNow that she observed a young man wearing women’s clothes and make-up exiting a women’s dressing room and politely told him he could not re-enter because it was for the exclusive use of women. She said he angrily responded that he was a “female.”

The cross-dresser was accompanied by five other individuals. The group argued with expletives that Macy’s is LGBT-friendly, to which Johnson replied that Macy’s is also non-discriminatory toward religion, and that it would go against her religious beliefs to lie to say that the young man was a woman or for her to compromise with homosexuality. The group then demanded to speak with a manager, according to OneNewsNow.

After being advised by a Macy’s supervisor that company policy allows transgender individuals to utilize any dressing room they may prefer, Johnson pointed out that the same policy also protects against religious discrimination and, in this case, it protects her right to her beliefs that were being violated.

The supervisor reportedly asked if Johnson intended to comply with Macy’s established policies, and when she refused, was later terminated.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of the conservative right wing anti-gay Liberty Counsel, told OneNewsNow, “Macy’s policy which allows men to use the women’s dressing room is fraught with problems. This policy will cause significant problems and will alienate the majority of Macy’s customers.”

“Macy’s has essentially opened women’s dressing rooms to every man. The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd,” Staver said.

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