Lou Engle: America has become like Nazi Germany because of gay rights

Lou Engle, a prominent preacher at the Kansas City-based International House of Prayer, recently said that homosexuals “might” have civil rights in America, but that “it is not their right given by God.”

He then went on to equate modern America to Nazi Germany. See it for yourself in the below video, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

In 2008, I had the “pleasure” of witnessing Lou Engle live as he preached to nearly a hundred thousand people at The Call D.C., which was being held on the national mall.

Lou Engle

As he preached, you could literally see thousands of people falling under his trance, rocking their bodies back and forth in sync with his own rocking on stage.

He has also preached at The Ramp and is good friends with Damon Thompson.

Oslo: Something to remember

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