Tracy Morgan meets with homeless, teen victims of anti-LGBT violence

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan on Friday visited homeless LGBT teens in New York in an effort to apologize and make amends for a recent anti-gay tirade in which he suggested he would “pull out a knife and stab” his own son if told him he was gay.

CNN reports:

Morgan met with teens and victims of anti-gay and transgender violence at the Ali Forney Center as part of his apology for his controversial comments, said a statement from GLAAD, a media advocacy and anti-defamation organization.

The Ali Forney Center is the nation’s largest organization for aiding homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, according to GLAAD.

In this report, CNN’s Randi Kaye talks with Jayden Love, a homeless teen, Carl Siciliano of the Ali Forney Center, and Elke Kennedy from Sean’s Last Wish, an organization that educates on bullying, hate, and violence against youth.

Morgan has agreed to return to Nashville next week to apologize to those he offended in his act, and will also appear in an upcoming GLAAD public service campaign “Amplify Your Voice.”

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