Televangelist Rick Joyner: God sent Katrina because of the gays

Apparently, one unnamed U.S. senator has been going to televangelist whackjob Rick Joyner for advice. On one occasion, Joyner told the unnamed senator that Hurricane Katrina was God’s judgment for homosexuality, because Katrina came just before New Orleans was scheduled to have its annual gay “Southern Decadence” celebration.

Rick Joyner
Said Joyner:

“When a U.S. Senator called me and asked me if Hurricane Katrina was judgment from God, I said yes, this is judgment from God, and it was. And you know a lot of the people there weren’t guilty, but it was on our nation and it was a very gracious judgment, filled with grace. Believe it or not, filled with grace from God but it was judgment. One of the things He was saying, He’s not gonna put up with this perversion anymore.

“Katrina hit New Orleans the day before they were supposed to have that Day of Decadence, Katrina that same stormed hit Key West on the same day they were gonna have their gay pride parade. There is a message here, that us something the Lord is not gonna put up with. He loves homosexuals, they’re not gay, it’s hard to find one who is happy, that’s a misnomer.”

Actually, Joyner, many gays are very happy people. Most of the miserable ones are miserable because of the perverted form of ‘love’ that ministries like yours push upon society.

So yes, they are gay, and they’ll be even gayer when people like yourself are a distant memory.

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