NY Senate Republicans still undecided on allowing vote on marriage equality bill

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With the legislative clock ticking down to its final hours, Republicans in control of the State Senate still have not decided whether to allow a vote on same-sex marriage, The New York Times is reporting.

A vast majority of the 32 Senate Republicans oppose same-sex marriage. But at least a couple of them support the measure, and the Republican caucus is under enormous pressure from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and gay-rights groups to permit a vote on the issue.

Many lawmakers and staff members have said publicly and privately that they believe the issue would probably pass the 62-member Senate if it were put to a vote. There are already 31 declared votes in favor of same-sex marriage — 29 of the 30 Democrats, and two of the Republicans — and several Republicans have acknowledged they are undecided.

Full story: The New York Times.

Cuomo said Tuesday that he believes there will be a vote in the Senate and is “cautiously optimistic” it will pass.

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