Author, self-appointed ‘prophet’ warns gays could bring about the Antichrist

Author, self-appointed ‘prophet’ warns gays could bring about the Antichrist

Self-anointed “American Prophet” Michael Bresciani, a Christian author who likens himself to the biblical prophets Isaiah and Micah, has a revelation from God that is meant to serve as a warning to America: America will bring about her own doom, nay, the world’s, by continuing to allow homosexuality to thrive.

Michael Bresciani
Bresciani shares his prophetic word through the Tea Party site, Renew America:

“The Israelites knew God had strictly forbidden homosexuality so the idea of trying to sanctify what God called an ‘abomination’ with marriage would be doubly offensive. Today we flaunt it among our notables as a perfectly normal bit of nascent social ethics. In fact we are very close to tempting God with our worst behavior and defying him to enter into judgment with us. This is dangerous territory.”

According to Bresciani, God has a five-step plan for bringing about his judgment (who does this ‘God’ fellow think he is, Joel Osteen?):

  1. “A call to repentance,” and if that doesn’t work,
  2. “A graduating scale of calamities,” and if that doesn’t work,
  3. “Natural disasters and disruption of nature” (I thought homosexuality was a ‘disruption of nature?’), and if that doesn’t work,
  4. “A collapse of the powers and the economy of a nation,” and if that doesn’t work,
  5. “You really don’t want to know.”

But in case you do want to know, Bresciani is more than happy to tell you: “We will be led away captive but not to a foreign place but rather to a foreign tyranny and a ruthless ruler the scriptures refer to as the antichrist.” [The editor in me wants to scream right here; I know there are mistakes in some of my writing, but damn, learn to use commas!]

Bresciani says that he “doesn’t need science to confirm his predictions” and he “hardly needs the apostate churches.”

“Suffice it to say that in my own calling not one revelation in some forty years has ever come up wrong. In real prophecy there is nothing to prove.”

Hopefully God’s next revelation to Bresciani will make use of the comma.

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