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Anti-gay Florida Family Association warns: The gays are coming to Disney

Anti-gay Florida Family Association warns: The gays are coming to Disney

A conservative family values group took to the skies over Central Florida with a warning of the annual “Gay Day” occurring at Walt Disney World today.

The Florida Family Association spent $7,000 to fly banners over Orlando for 10 hours each day on Friday and Saturday that read, “Warning Gay Day at Disney 6/4.”

“Thousands of homosexuals, lesbians and transgenders will converge on Central Florida the first week of June to celebrate their immoral lifestyles,” said another warning on the FFA’s website.

“Many Gay Day patrons wore shirts that promoted homosexuality, kissed, hugged and groped in very public places and dressed in drag all to the curiosity of tens of thousands of children (top right photo), the FFA reported in a follow-up on the day’s events.

The FFA claims thousands of people leave the park when they see same sex couples, and that mainstream America is offended. Disney and event organizers say that’s just not true.

Orlando’s annual six-day “Gay Days” celebration is a 20 year tradition with Saturday spent at the Magic Kingdom.

The annual pilgrimage attracts more than 160,000 gays and lesbians and their families, and contributes an estimated $150 million to the Orlando-area economy.

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