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Texas budget proposal includes anti-gay measure, would strip HIV/AIDS funding

AUSTIN — The Texas House of Representatives has approved a budget provision that would require state colleges and universities, if they use state funds to support “a gender and sexuality center,” to spend equal amounts on money promoting “family and traditional values.”

The Dallas Voice reports:

The House budget includes an amendment that would require public colleges and universities in Texas with LGBT resource centers to spend an equal amount, dollar for dollar, on centers promoting “traditional and family values.” The amdendment from Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, passed by a margin of 110-24.

The House budget does not include any additional money for the Texas HIV Medication Program, which will need $19.2 million more over the next two years to meet increased demand.

The HIV Medication Program provides life-sustaining medication to 14,000 low-income people with HIV/AIDS.

The budget proposal now heads to the state Senate, where a budget panel last week recommended providing the additional money to the HIV program.

In a separate budget proposal, State Rep. Garnet Coleman (D-Houston) sponsored an amendment that would have required schools to report incidents of harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. That amendment failed by a vote of 97-49.

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