Religious leaders: Ricky Martin setting a bad example for being openly gay

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Ricky Martin

Pop-star Ricky Martin has been publicly criticized by religious leaders in his native Puerto Rico for setting a bad example for his children by openly discussing his homosexuality.

Cardinal Luis Aponte Martinez of San Juan told Primera Hora last week:

“Personally, I admire Ricky for the great artistic gifts the Lord has endowed him, but please, for the love of his children, for whom I imagine he wants the best, try to set an example to our youth of the great values we all share, besides sex.”

“[The Roman Catholic church] does not reject the homosexual [but] their immoral actions and behaviors, and trying to promote homosexuality or sexual promiscuity among our youth, indeed, is immoral regardless of where it comes from”.

Martin, who announced last year that he his gay, is the father of twin sons, Matteo and Valentino.

Last month, Pastor Wanda Rolon of First Christian Church of La Senada Antigua, and self-described “Apostle,” posted a Facebook rant calling Martin a man “who wants to take people to hell! RM is its ambassador.”

Rolon later deleted the post and denied claims she was homophobic.

The criticism coincides with the recent launch of Martin’s “Music+Soul+Sex” concert tour.

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