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Illinois Senate committee kills anti-gay adoption measure

The Illinois Senate has voted down a controversial measure that would have allowed religious and faith-based groups deny same-sex couples from adopting or fostering children.

The provision, an amendment to a SB1123, a bill “concerning the rights of the blind and others,” failed to get out of the Senate Executive Committee with a vote of 7 to 6. There was 1 abstention.

The amendment was sponsored by Sen. David Koehler (D-Peoria), one of the champions of the recently-passed civil unions bill. He said it was a deal he’d made so as not to “force groups to work against their beliefs.”

“This is a huge victory for the LGBTQ community and families across Illinois,” said Anthony Martinez, Executive Director of the Illinois Civil Rights Agenda, in a statement.

“This is also a huge win for the tens of thousands of children that are in the adoption and foster system and need loving families,” Martinez said.

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