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Maryland delegates ready to vote on gay marriage bill; NOM mailers spread fear

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Two Maryland delegates holding out on a gay marriage vote are now back on board, but the 48 hour delay has opened a window for gay marriage opponents to launch a new campaign aimed at weakening other Democrats from supporting the bill.

On Tuesday morning, Delegates Jill Carter (D-Baltimore) and Tiffany Alston (D-Prince George) delayed a critical vote on the Civil Marriage Protection Act in the Maryland House of Delegate’s Judiciary Committee.

The bill, already approved by the state Senate, was expected to easily pass the Democratic majority on the committee, stalling the measure from advancing to the full House as quickly as previously expected.

But at the last minute, Carter and Alston didn’t show up for the vote, and announced a few hours later that despite prior promises, they were going to refuse to vote yes on the bill until some of their other interests were advanced.

Democrat leadership moved quickly to shore up the holes, and as of Wednesday evening, both Carter and Alston are now ready to vote yes.

But it’s been 48 hours, and with the extra time the National Organization For Marriage (NOM) has launched an all-out blitz against some of the weaker Democrats.

The Washington Blade has found several of the NOM mailers sent out within the past 24 hours. Two are below, you can see the rest here.

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