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California megachurch asks choir to sign anti-gay covenant

California megachurch asks choir to sign anti-gay covenant

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — Choir members at the Southern California megachurch, the Crystal Cathedral, are upset by a covenant they have been asked to sign that places a strong emphasis on them being heterosexual and Christian.

The Orange County Register reports;

Former and current choir members say they are particularly offended by a statement in the document that refers to homosexuality. Long-time church members say this is the first time they have seen the cathedral take a firm stand against homosexuality and are disturbed by it.

The covenant states: “I understand that in an era where images of family relationship and personal sexuality are often confused, Crystal Cathedral Ministries believes that it is important to teach and model the biblical view. I understand that Crystal Cathedral Ministries teaches that sexual intimacy is intended by God to only be within the bonds of marriage, between one man and one woman.”

Sheila Schuller Coleman — daughter of the founder and senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, Robert H. Schuller — issued a statement Tuesday saying the document is intended to “clarify expectations placed on them as ministry leaders.”

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But in a follow-up report by the Register, Robert Schuller, said Wednesday that he strongly disapproves of the anti-gay covenant, stating that it goes against the principles of tolerance, acceptance and positive thinking on which he built his 50-year-old ministry.

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