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More gays voting Republican now than in 2008, says exit poll

More gays voting Republican now than in 2008, says exit poll

An exit poll on Tuesday announced that roughly 30% of gay voters are now voting Republican. Wait…. WHAT?

It seems more and more gay voters are more concerned about other issues than they are about their own civil rights.

Gay men, lesbians and bisexuals made up 3 percent of those casting ballots in House races on Tuesday, and 31 percent of them voted Republican.

By itself, that number is amazing, especially when you consider that way too many people think being gay and voting Democratic are one in the same. But that percentage is ominous news for a White House viewed with suspicion by many gay men and lesbians, because that’s four percentage points higher than the change election of 2008.

Let me be clear about this folks, I’m not happy with the Democrats. I’m upset with what I see as feet-dragging and empty promises and I think we need a new solution to achieve full federal equality. But that does NOT mean the Republicans!

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As a whole, Republicans hate us. Let me reemphasize that, the Republican Party hates us. In fact, many of the State Republican Party platforms include provisions stating they want homosexuality criminalized.

Different political ideologies are one thing, you may be a conservative on many issues and that’s ok! But bottom line is economic or military ideologies cannot ever outweigh our civil liberties.

What good is anything else if we do not have the same rights as everyone else?

Have your own feelings and leanings towards other political parties if you wish (goodness knows too many in our country don’t even think), but NEVER vote for a party which won’t even recognize your value as a human being.

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