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Sen. Jim DeMint reaffirms position that gays are unfit to teach in public schools

Sen. Jim DeMint

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), an emerging Tea Party hero, told a crowd of supporters in South Carolina Friday that he will continue to recruit like-minded Conservatives across the nation to run for Congress and pastors to join the fight to “take our country back.”

Among DeMint’s position, openly gay teachers should not be allowed to teach in public schools, and that unwed mothers were unfit to stand in front of a classroom.

DeMint received overwhelming applause when he told the crowd of a few hundred people that he’s an outcast in Washington.

He said he’s disliked in the Capitol, but when he gets off planes across the country, people stop and tell him they’re praying for him. [Spartanburg Herald Journal]

“Sexist bigots like Sen. Jim DeMint don’t belong in the United States Congress,” said Terry O’Neill, President of the National Organization for Women (NOW). “He thinks gay women and men and sexually active single women should be banned from teaching, but he said nothing about sexually active, single straight men.”

DeMint has been most outspoken as an opponent of any form of gay marriage, calling it a “religious institution” that the “federal government has no business redefining.”

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