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Citibank blocks account of gay social networking site due to ‘blog content’

According to a post Wednesday by Fabulis, a new social networking site aimed at gay men, Citibank has suspended their account due to “objectionable content” on their blog.

Fabulis founder Jason Goldberg said he learned that the company’s account had been blocked only a few days after the fact, having received no notification from the bank.

In a bit of strange and disturbing news, fabulis discovered today that someone(s) at Citibank had decided arbitrarily to block fabulis’ bank account due to what was described to us on the phone as “objectionable content” on our blog. In fact, the account — it turns out — was blocked a few days ago without anyone letting us know about it by phone or email.


Mind you, fabulis is a serious business, backed by some serious players, and for the life of us we can’t find anything “objectionable” on our blog besides some good humor, some business insights, and some touching coming out stories from some great and fabulis gay people.

So, what gives?

And wtf. When did Citibank start reviewing blogs to decide who can bank with them?

Since the story of the incident broke yesterday, Citibank has lifted the hold on the account, while a compliance officer reviews the company.

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