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Indiana Senate approves gay marriage ban; House defeat likely

Indiana Senate approves gay marriage ban; House defeat likely

The Indiana Senate revived a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages Thursday, approving the measure and sending it to the Democratic-controlled House, where it’s likely to meet a quick death.

The 38-10 vote marked the fourth time the Senate has approved such a provision, which must be approved by two separately elected legislatures before it can be placed on a ballot.

State law already bans same-sex marriages, but conservatives have pushed for the amendment, arguing that it would prevent activist judges from overturning the statute.

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Democratic House Speaker Patrick Bauer of South Bend has repeatedly said that amending the state’s constitution isn’t necessary because Indiana law already prohibits same-sex marriage.

“The Marriage Discrimination Amendment violates every Hoosier’s basic right to fairness and equality,” Randy Studt, president of the gay rights group Indiana Equality, said in a statement. “It’s just an attempt to distract Hoosiers from the greater issues facing Indiana, threatening our state’s current and future economic development.”

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