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Police arrest man for tagging anti-gay slurs in Seattle neighborhood

A man suspected of spray-painting homophobic slurs on a number of West Seattle buildings was arrested Thursday morning, reports KOMO-TV.

Ryan J. Cox, 31, was arrested without incident and booked into King County Jail.

Cox was arrested in May for spray-painting the same gay slur on many businesses and a garage door. And it was that garage door that incriminated him.

The owner of the garage grew tired after being tagged seven different times. In hopes of catching the vandal, he installed a hidden camera across the street and snapped pictures of the artist in action.

Police believe the pictures show Cox spray-painting the slur.

“This is a hate crime, in my opinion,” said the victim, who wished to remain anonymous.

Hate crime is a felony punishable by serious jail time.

Last May, Cox was charged with only misdemeanors for his anti-gay graffiti, and spent one month in jail.

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