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Maddow takes on conversion therapist in Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ coverage

Maddow takes on conversion therapist in Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ coverage

As part of her continuing coverage on Uganda’s anti-gay legislation, Rachel Maddow interviewed conversion therapist Richard Cohen tonight, who continued to advocate his position that homosexuality is a choice, and gays can change their preferences.

Maddow-showThe author of “Coming Out Straight : Understanding and Healing Homosexuality,” has been used in Uganda’s campaign to justify an anti-gay movement that has culminated in a legislative effort known as the “Kill The Gays Bill.”

Said Maddow:

“I realize I was taking the risk of helping promote you and the way that you think about these things by putting you on the air … but I do think that you’ve actually got blood on your hands.”

Later she added, “Just in case this gets heard in Uganda … Richard Cohen is not licensed by any American or any other licensing body whatsoever.”

During the segment, Maddow read passages from Cohen’s book, including one based on discredited research:

Homosexuals are at least 12 times more likely to molest children than heterosexuals; homosexual teachers are at least 7 times more likely to molest a pupil; homosexual teachers are estimated to have committed at least 25 percent of pupil molestation; 40 percent of molestation assaults were made by those who engage in homosexuality.

Distancing himself from the Uganda legislation, Cohen said he plans to remove the future printings so that it can not be used as propaganda against gays.

In case you missed it, here is the clip from tonight’s show:

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Cohen claims to be a former homosexual, and lives in Washington DC with his wife and three children.

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