‘In the Life’ looks at progress and efforts in fighting HIV

‘In the Life’ looks at progress and efforts in fighting HIV

In the LifeOver twenty million people have died from AIDS since its cause, HIV, was discovered in 1981.

Though leading scientists worldwide have dedicated their life’s work to understanding the virus, its genetic complexity is unprecedented and a cure is still beyond reach.

This month, In the Life speaks with scientists working tirelessly for a cure, advocates speaking out about the stigma of HIV, and looks at the success of a cutting edge prevention effort to stop the spread of the disease.

In “Creating Solutions,” In the Life examines the trials in development of an HIV vaccine, which remains the only hope for eradicating the virus, includes conversations with designer Kenneth Cole, chairman of the board of the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and Regan Hofmann, editor-in-chief of POZ magazine.

In the Life’s mission is to reach the largest audience possible to educate, challenge, and inspire viewers from all walks of life. To that goal, their broadcast is made available to sites such as LGBTQ Nation; please enjoy this month’s edition:

Since 1992, In the Life has been the only network series documenting the LGBT experience. Although it airs on 68% of public television stations across the country, it is relegated to timeslots in the wee hours of the morning and/or being aired inconsistently remains a problem. There remain nearly 100 channels reaching more than 30 million households in 13 states, that refuse to air In the Life at all.

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