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Inaction on New Jersey gay marriage bill angers bill’s sponsor

NJ State Sen. Loretta WeinbergState Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) is angry Thursday about what she sees as a broken promise by Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) to move legislation in the upper house during the lameduck session that would legalize same-sex marriage, reports

Sweeney told reporters that while gay marriage is an important issue, the Legislature should focus on the economy during the hearings and sessions it will hold before Gov. Jon Corzine leaves office in January.

Gay rights activists and supporters in the Legislature want to see the bill approved before Republican Governor-elect Chris Christie takes office on Jan. 19. Christie is opposed to gay marriage.

Codey has said he would not post the bill for a vote unless he was assured there were 21 votes for passage.

Weinberg is the prime sponsor of the same-sex marriage bill.

The disagreement over action on the bill comes as a new poll made public Thursday found that the majority of New Jerseyans support legalizing gay marriage.

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