The Anti-Gay Twist of the Balloon Boy Saga (Video)

Falcon HenneFrom

FORT COLLINS, CO — You know you have bad parents when they fool the the entire world into thinking that their six-year-old son is stuck in a balloon floating in the Colorado air. You know you have even worse parents when those same people allow their children to record a homophobic rap video, complete with lines like “I hate gay faggots, I hit ’em with a bat,” and (possibly) “Faggot tried to pee on me.”

It’s official. The Balloon Boy saga has taken another turn for the absolute weird.

The story revolves around the Heene family in Colorado, and parents, Richard and Mayumi, who have three children — Falcon, Bradford and Ryo. The parents duped the world into believing that Falcon was caught in a balloon last week.

From there they did the world publicity tour, complete with Falcon throwing up on the Today Show after Meredith Vieira asked a question. That was followed by a weekend of police investigations, with a local Sheriff announcing that there’s probable cause for the parents to be arrested for staging the balloon incident.

And to add even more dysfunction to this story, a homophobic rap video has taken the Twitter and YouTube worlds by storm, in which the three boys rap to the tune of bashing gays, while the mother plays guitar and the father plays harmonica.

Nothing quite warms the soul like a group of six-to-ten year olds saying how much they want to throw rocks at faggots. See the video here:

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