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‘Protect Maine Equality’ releases TV spots in gay marriage battle (Video)

Protect Maine Equality AdProtect Maine Equality has released its first two television ads following Wednesday’s announcement that a ballot measure to repeal the state’s marriage equality laws has made it November’s ballot. (See related post.)

The first features Sam Putnam af Portland, who plays high school football and baseball, and is the pride and joy of his mother, Jennifer and her partner, Michelle.

For Sam, it’s pretty basic — this is his family and he wants them to be valued and treated equally in Maine.

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The second features Bill Whitten of Yarmouth, a former college football player and U.S. Marine. Bill has two daughters — one gay and one straight. For Bill, it’s simple — he wants both his girls treated fairly and equally, and that includes marrying the person they love.

Meet Sam Putnam and his 2 moms

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