‘Amazing Race’ to feature gay brothers from Missouri (Video)

Amazing Race Gay BrothersBrothers Samuel and Daniel McMillen from Liberty, MO will appear on the new season of CBS’ “The Amazing Race” this fall.

What’s unique is that the brothers are both gay.

As their story goes, Sam and Dan will tell you that their relationship did not truly start until last summer when they both came out and told each other that they were gay, according to their network biography.

The brothers grew up Christian in a conservative community, neither one of them feeling comfortable enough coming out at an early age but after doing so, they’ve found a new bond with one another and instantly became closer through honesty and trust. Sam and Dan will tell you that being gay is only one of the many aspects of their lives.

Here’s a first meeting with the brothers in their cast interview:

Sam, 23, is a medical student. Dan, 21, is a business major at William Jewell College.

Here’s more of the brothers’ bio from CBS:

Dan describes himself as organized, open-minded and spontaneous and hopes to gain a new sense of appreciation for his life from running the Race with his brother. His hobbies include exercise, volunteering and traveling.

Sam claims to be optimistic and happy-go-lucky and his hobbies include cinema, logic games and anything involving the outdoors. Communication may be the biggest challenge for this Team, as they claim to be polar opposites. From academic interests to how they approach tasks, these brothers are very different in everything they do. Due to his passive mentality, Sam will need to be more vocal to overcome Dan’s blunt, assertive personality in order to contribute to the team while on the road.

Sam is pursuing a degree in medicine while Dan has one more year left at William Jewell College to complete his business degree. When asked what former Team they would model their style of play after, Sam points to Nick and Starr because they maintained a positive attitude which carried them to the $1 million prize. Dan identifies with the competitive style of Rob and Amber. Both brothers hope that the Race will take their new found closeness to the next level and help them forge an even stronger bond.

“The Amazing Race” season premiere is Sunday, September 27.

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