‘Coming Out Mormon’ tells story of family, faith and being gay

Cody DerrickIn a new Current TV segment, 26 year-old Cody Derrick tells his coming out story.

Cody Derrick grew up in a conservative Mormon home in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. At the age of 21, shortly after returning from his mission, Derrick came out that he was gay. The story depicts the young Mormon and his parents discussing how they came to terms with their faith and Derrick being gay.

Derrick mentions that his biggest fear was of losing God’s love and potentially going to hell. “I felt like I was losing the religion. My identity that was the Church and in losing that I was losing God because God wouldn’t love you if you were not obeying the Church’s teachings. My biggest fear was I’ll go to hell…that was the hard part,” he says in the video.

Derrick shared that people ask him whether it was hard to come out. He tells them that because of the support of his family, their faith and unconditional love, it was easy and he wants to help others.

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