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Read These Lips

VIA: The New York Times | Sunday, May 25, 2014
Sean Adl-Tabatabai, left, and Sinclair Treadway kiss each other as they are announced officially married during a wedding ceremony in the Council Chamber at Camden Town Hall in London, minutes into Saturday, March 29, 2014.
A KISS is nothing. On the sidewalks, in the park, I see one every few minutes, a real kiss, lip to lip. It barely registers. It’s as unremarkable as a car horn in traffic, as an umbrella in rain...

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NY Times endorses Christine Quinn as Democratic choice for mayor of New York

| Sunday, August 25, 2013
Christine Quinn
The New York Times on Saturday endorsed City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to be the next Mayor of New York.

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The New York Times endorsement: ‘Barack Obama for re-election’

| Saturday, October 27, 2012
The New York Times on Sunday officially endorses President Barack Obama for re-election.

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30 years ago, New York Times first reports on disease that would become AIDS pandemic

| Sunday, July 3, 2011
On this day 30 years ago -- July 3, 1981 -- under the headline "Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals," The New York Times reported:

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New York Times to President Obama: Time to evolve on marriage equality

| Monday, June 27, 2011
An editorial appearing in The New York Times on Sunday calls on President Barack Obama to evolve on marriage equality.

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