National Organization for Marriage (NOM)

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is an American non-profit political organization established in 2007 to work against legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States. It was formed in 2007 specifically to pass California’s Proposition 8 prohibiting same-sex marriage in California. The group has opposed civil union legislation and opposes gay adoption. Its current president is Brian S. Brown.

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The Catholic Church has no place attacking same-sex parenting

Monday, July 9, 2012
With all due respect because I am not attempting to disrespect anyone of the Catholic faith, if we compared the two entities, just who has less credibility when it the harming of children: An entity pushing a bad study while it’s not covering up the activities of priests exploiting children as sex objects, - or - same-sex couples, many who open their homes to children who need love and support? [ Read more → ]

The reality of coalition, collaboration between the LGBT community and communities of color

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
In the past month, we have seen milestone after milestone in the march toward LGBT equality. But there is a key element of this progress that we should shine a light on. What for many seemed like a red light at the intersection of race, class, sexual orientation and gender identity has turned yellow — even green — as we see diverse groups strongly and publicly supporting each other across issues and working for civil rights — human rights — for all people. [ Read more → ]

NOM livid over General Mills’ opposition to Minnesota marriage amendment

Saturday, June 16, 2012
GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Food giant General Mills this week took a stand against a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota. [ Read more → ]

Election officials find 1,000 phony signatures on anti-gay marriage petitions

Monday, June 11, 2012
Election officials in Washington state said late last week they had identified approximately 1,000 fraudulent signatures submitted on petitions seeking a ballot referendum to overturn the state's new marriage equality law. [ Read more → ]

California ethics panel to investigate National Organization for Marriage

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – In a surprise move, the state of California’s ethics office announced Wednesday that it will investigate Fred Karger’s complaint against the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage (NOM). [ Read more → ]

National Organization for Marriage continues to spread lies about gays

Friday, May 25, 2012
About the worst thing said about gay men, an allegation that is regularly dragged out by certain religious-right organizations, is that they molest children at rates vastly higher than their heterosexual counterparts. It is as devastating a charge as one can make in a country where jailed pedophiles, known in prison parlance as “short eyes,” are frequently murdered by self-righteous fellow inmates... [ Read more → ]

NOM’s Brian Brown calls out Dan Savage: ‘You name the time and place’

Saturday, May 5, 2012
National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown has challenged LGBT activist and "It Gets Better" founder Dan Savage to a duel -- or, a debate, at least -- and Savage has accepted. [ Read more → ]
Maggie Gallagher and Fred Karger

Fred Karger wants proof of NOM’s Maggie Gallagher’s elusive husband

Friday, April 13, 2012
Republican presidential hopeful Fred Karger on Thursday issued a press release speculating that Maggie Gallagher -- the co-founder and former chair of the National Organization for Marriage -- has either divorced her husband of 18 years or was never married to him at all. [ Read more → ]
Brian Brown

National Organization for Marriage claims IRS illegally released tax records

Thursday, April 12, 2012
WASHINGTON -- The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) on Thuesday released documents claiming that their confidential U.S. tax returns containing private donor information were illegally obtained by a source within the Internal Revenue Service and were handed over to NOM's political enemies, particularly the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). [ Read more → ]
Mitt Romney

National Organization for Marriage endorses Mitt Romney

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
The National Organization for Marriage on Wednesday officially threw its support behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he has been called upon to renounce the anti-gay group’s support. [ Read more → ]

NOM promotes anal-obsessed preacher Patrick Wooden… again

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Once again, the National Organization for Marriage is promoting North Carolina pastor Patrick Wooden, who stars in a video meant to drum up support for the state’s discriminatory Amendment One. [ Read more → ]
Brian Brown

Anti-gay group calls for federal probe of HRC, IRS

Friday, April 6, 2012
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the anti-gay group leading efforts to oppose same-sex marriage laws, is calling for a federal investigation of the Human Rights Campaign and the IRS. [ Read more → ]

Calling all Black people: NOM wants to use you

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Black folks, this is a message for you: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the country’s preeminent group fighting against same-sex marriage, really, really likes you. They even want to make some of you famous! Have NOM’s principal leaders, former president Maggie Gallagher and current leader Brian S. Brown, stood up for African Americans before? Well, not so much. But it turns out that they’ve decided that you’re actually very important. [ Read more → ]
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s PAC secretly donated $10,000 to anti-gay NOM

Friday, March 30, 2012
WASHINGTON -- Documents sent to the Human Rights Campaign and released Friday reveal that Republican presidential front runner Mitt Romney confidentially donated $10,000 to the National Organizational for Marriage via the Alabama chapter of his political action committee, “Free and Strong America.” [ Read more → ]
Robert George

Boehner appoints NOM co-founder to commission on religious freedom

Thursday, March 29, 2012
WASHINGTON -- U.S. House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday appointed Robert George, co-founder and chairman emeritus of the National Organization for Marriage, to the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom, which, according to the Commission’s chairman, addresses “the challenges of religious extremism, intolerance, and repression throughout the world.” [ Read more → ]

NOM’s malodorous methods fan the flames of hate

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Given what we now know, young minorities that embrace NOM should not feel cool, but instead should realize that they are tools that are doing the bidding of a few overpaid white zealots with an insincere political agenda cooked up in a banal Washington conference room. This is not truly about reflecting Black or Latino culture, but promulgating a wicked culture of corruption where the lies of scheming lobbyists are slickly packaged and cunningly sold to voters. [ Read more → ]

NOM’s deliberate manipulation of black, gay communities is nauseating

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
It's not only the fact that the National Organization for Marriage specifically said it wanted drive a wedge between the black and gay communities. It's also the fact that NOM was recruiting African-American leaders to speak out against marriage equality for the purpose of getting the gay community provoked. [ Read more → ]

HRC exposes NOM’s confidential strategy documents

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
The Human Rights Campaign on Tuesday said it has obtained a series of documents marked “confidential” that outlined the National Organization for Marriage’s multi-year plan to stop marriage equality in the United States. [ Read more → ]

HRC calls NOM’s Starbucks boycott their typical ‘temper-tantrum’

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
WASHINGTON -- The Human Rights Campaign on Wednesday fired back at the National Organization for Marriage, calling their “Dump Starbucks” campaign a typical "temper tantrum," and called on consumers to support Starbucks for its decision to support same-sex marriage. [ Read more → ]
Brian Brown

NOM: We’ll hold every N.H. lawmaker ‘accountable’ for pro-gay marriage vote

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown on Wednesday pledged to hold "every" New Hampshire lawmaker accountable for failing to repeal the state's marriage equality law -- all 211 of them. [ Read more → ]
Bob Vander Plaats

Marriage equality opponents, supporters rally at Iowa state capitol

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hundreds of gay marriage opponents gathered at the Iowa state capitol on Tuesday, where they prayed, sang and lobbied lawmakers to approve a ballot referendum to overturn the state’s marriage equality law. [ Read more → ]

In effort to repeal same-sex marriage, NOM now supports civil unions

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
The National Organization for Marriage has endorsed a civil unions bill in New Hampshire, a stark departure from its well documented record of opposing any type of legal relationship for same-sex couples. [ Read more → ]

U.S. Supreme Court rejects NOM appeal over Maine campaign finance disclosure law

Monday, February 27, 2012
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear a constitutional challenge to Maine's campaign finance laws brought by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). [ Read more → ]

Maggie Gallagher’s interview on MSNBC: ‘Your embarrassment is well deserved’

Saturday, February 18, 2012
Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), an anti-marriage-equality group, was interviewed on the Feb. 11 edition MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes, and it didn't go well for her.

[ Read more → ]

Opponents of Washington marriage equality law launch repeal effort

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
OLYMPIA, WASH. -- Within hours of Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire signing a marriage equality bill into law, opponents filed the paperwork necessary to collect signatures for a referendum to overturn the law. [ Read more → ]
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