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Kentucky Baptists want to sever ties with gay-friendly Louisville church

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Crescent Hill Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky.
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Kentucky Baptists will vote later this year on whether to sever ties with a Louisville member church that says it is open to performing gay marriages. A committee of the Kentucky Baptist Convention voted Thursday to end its relationship with Crescent Hill Baptist Church. The Louisville church last year announced that ...

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Ky. school board upholds policy banning gender identity discrimination

Saturday, September 27, 2014
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Louisville high school's policy on transgender students' rights will remain in place after the Jefferson County Public School appeals board turned away objections from parents.

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The power of witness

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
I could tell you about the years that I have spent in prayerful study and discernment learning the facts about homosexuality. I could give you psychological, biological, theological, and biblical arguments to support my decisions and actions. I could do those things. But I won’t. Many times, a powerful testimony is all the proof we need to accept that someone has, in fact, encountered the risen Christ. So my purpose here is not to give arguments, it’s to give testimony...

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Parents appeal transgender policy at Kentucky high school

Thursday, July 3, 2014
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A group of parents has appealed a decision by a Louisville high school to allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity. The Atherton High School site-based decision-making council will meet next week to discuss the appeal, which was filed by Louisville attorney ...

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Louisville, Ky., high school approves transgender bathroom policy

Saturday, June 7, 2014
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Louisville high school has passed a policy allowing transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity. Atherton High School Principal Thomas Aberli said a school council voted 8-1 on Thursday in favor of the policy.

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Gays angered over billboard created by ‘ex-gay’ founder of Christian ministry

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- An anti-gay billboard in Kentucky has created controversy among the gay community and its allies, and they are calling for its removal.

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Ky. Baptist child care agency votes against proposal to allow hiring gays

Friday, November 8, 2013
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The board for a Baptist-affiliated agency that serves abused children in Kentucky has voted against a proposal to hire gay employees.

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Kentucky church changes marriage policy in support gay congregation

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
The Douglass Boulevard Christian Church in Louisville, Ky., on Sunday, unanimously voted to stop signing marriage licenses because they are only legally permitted to do so for heterosexual couples.

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