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LGBT Rights

LGBT rights are human rights and civil rights, although legal protections and laws affecting LGBT people vary greatly by country or territory. LGBT rights laws include, but are not limited to, the following: government recognition of same-sex relationships (such as via same-sex marriage or civil unions), LGBT adoption, recognition of LGBT parenting, anti-bullying legislation and student non-discrimination laws to protect LGBT children and/or students, immigration equality laws, anti-discrimination laws for employment and housing, hate crime laws providing enhanced criminal penalties for prejudice-motivated violence against LGBT people, equal age of consent laws, and laws related to sexual orientation and military service.

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LGBT Americans face greater social, economic disparities in South, Midwest, Mountain states

Thursday, December 18, 2014
The Williams Institute reviews social climate, demographic, economic and health indicators, and highlights disparities between states with and without LGBT non-discrimination laws. [...]

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How a sheltered housewife became the foremost in-your-face challenger of Christian homophobia

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Kathy Baldock
A modern day pro-LGBT Joan of Arc, Kathy Baldock’s advocacy is not from behind a computer screen, but face-to-face interaction with the most rabid anti-gay ministers in the U.S. evangelical movement. [...]

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Mich. House lawmakers adjourn hearing without voting on anti-LGBT bias bill

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Michigan state capitol in Lansing.
LANSING, Mich. -- Michigan lawmakers have adjourned a historic legislative hearing without voting on a measure that would update the state's anti-discrimination law to include protections for LGBT citizens. [...]

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Miami-Dade County adds gender identity to human rights ordinance

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Miami, Fla.
MIAMI -- The Miami-Dade County Commission on Tuesday voted to amend its existing Human Rights Ordinance to prohibit discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. The county is the latest of more than two dozen Florida municipalities to enact such [...]

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Gay rights activists march in New Delhi to demand an end to discrimination

Sunday, November 30, 2014
Participants carry placards and shout slogans during a gay rights parade in New Delhi, India, Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014. Nearly a thousand gay rights activists marched Sunday to demand an end to discrimination against gays in India's deeply conservative society.
NEW DELHI -- Nearly a thousand gay rights activists marched through central New Delhi on Sunday to demand an end to discrimination against gays in India's deeply conservative society. Holding balloons, flags and placards, activists and their supporters sang songs and danced to the beat of ... [...]

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LGBT activism growing in conservative Florida Panhandle

Friday, November 28, 2014
Attorney Sara Latshaw, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Northwest Florida office and organizer of the domestic registry campaign, in Pensacola Fla. The domestic registry measure passed 8-1 in December 2013. Latshaw and other Florida gay rights activists say it was just one example of how rapidly attitudes toward the gay and lesbian community have softened in the state’s most-conservative region, changes that bode well for a statewide push for gay marriage.
PENSACOLA, Fla. -- In conservative Pensacola, Sara Latshaw feared her months-long campaign to get the city council to recognize domestic partnerships was about to fail. Looking at 17 scheduled speakers during a public discussion just before the December 2013 vote, she knew 10 were supporters but didn't know the others. [...]

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Austria politician tells Pope Francis to speak up for same-sex marriage

Friday, November 28, 2014
Ulrike Lunacek
STRASBOURG, France -- A prominent, openly lesbian politician from Austria presented Pope Francis with a rainbow scarf on Tuesday, and called on the Pontiff to speak up for women’s rights and same-sex marriage. [...]

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Bill to prohibit LGBT discrimination in Florida introduced with bipartisan support

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Two Florida lawmakers, a Democrat and a Republican, have joined forces to introduce legislation aimed at prohibit discrimination against LGBT Floridians in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. [...]

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Charlotte to consider adding protections for LGBT community

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Charlotte, N.C.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte, N.C., city council will move forward with further considerations on LGBT-inclusive protections in public accommodations and other city ordinances after hearing a proposal on Monday evening. [...]

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Michigan civil rights commission urges protections for LGBT community

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
LANSING, Mich. -- The Michigan Civil Rights Commission is calling on the state Legislature to prohibit discrimination against gays by passing civil rights protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. [...]

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